We are a homeschool family in the Colorado foothills, parsing our adventures with the mainstream school culture across the street. We are a positive, hopeful crew, building a community we love.

There’s no “one way” to homeschool, and we embrace the many, many, myriad ways our community is doing it right. We evolve by season, but largely under the bracket of unschool.

I aim for radical inclusion. Be yourself here. And welcome!

Starting a Homeschool Group, Part 3

How Do I Organize Week by Week? How Do I Organize a Semester in Advance? How Do We Split Materials? How Can I Keep It Cheap? – These are the topics covered in the third portion of this series.

Journal Entry: October 25, 2021

i wonder if george feels so much of his life isn’t about him, like the focus drifted and the lens reset slightly off-center and now has set there so long he’s unsure if it’s okay to bring that focus back around? to recenter himself firmly in his life, to follow his own pursuits.

October 23 – Weekly Tracking + Photos

We did some silly things in the wind – shooting archery! fly fishing! making mobiles! – and wished we hadn’t. Even if I’m not quite ready for them, our indoor activities felt less frustrating.

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