We are a homeschool family in the Colorado foothills, parsing our adventures with the mainstream school culture across the street. We are a positive, hopeful crew, building a community we love.

There’s no “one way” to homeschool, and we embrace the many, many, myriad ways our community is doing it right. We evolve by season, but largely under the bracket of unschool.

I aim for radical inclusion. Be yourself here. And welcome!

January 15 – Weekly Photos

Another easy week in the books. Off we go to SkyZone and the National Western Stock Show, then some at-home cooking challenges with bread, rolls and sushi.

Starting a Homeschool Group, Part 4

I started my search online, using Google maps, and flagged churches, community centers and libraries within 15 minutes of drive time from my house. If it’s not convenient, you won’t want to go as much either, right?

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