We are a homeschool family in the Colorado foothills, parsing our adventures with the mainstream school culture across the street. We are a positive, hopeful crew, building a community we love.

There’s no “one way” to homeschool, and we embrace the many, many, myriad ways our community is doing it right. We evolve by season, but largely under the bracket of unschool.

I aim for radical inclusion. Be yourself here. And welcome!

Our Typical Morning: Springtime

We keep our usual reading time around breakfast throughout the year, skipping a few days when we’re not feeling great or need a break. Offered the choice regularly, the kids always want to keep this element of our day.

On Violence

Maybe it’s unamerican to admit fear because of our revolutionary past. But we are entrenched now, and I am afraid. I nightmare, I watch. My forehead wrinkles crease more deeply in certain shared spaces.

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