Last Week in Photos – September 19

Highlights this week (from top, left to right):
Rosetta’s game, Toca Hair Salon, comes with the ability to save creations, so I often find ladies like these in my photos
So much slime play in the house this week, after Grandma brought a kit – including straws for blowing bubbles!
Grandma finally taught us how to play Qwirkle!
In return, we taught Grandma to play Trekking the National Parks, a favorite around here.
The gecko eggs have grown!
Miller Farms homeschool tour with cousins and another family – pick-your-own at its best.
Sorting and cleaning the veggies
Curing squash in the grill
Rosetta made the Creepy Carrots from the Reynold’s book out of real carrots.
Wilder addresses letters for the sticker club Dylan sent to us.
Rosetta codes her Bitsbox animal zoo
The owl pellet I found in our yard! And the kids digging through it.
Some chicken cuddles

Testing gouache paints – new medium for us!
Minecraft skins

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