Last Week in Photos – October 3, 2020

Highlights this week (from top, left to right):
Family game night
Wilder’s early gifts from Auntie Jennifer
Rosetta’s obsession with Ruth Hour this week
Camping at Rifle Falls State Park for Wilder’s bday (Sept 28-Oct 1) – posing in new waders + fishing vest
Campsite play
Hiking to waterfalls
Picnic table coloring session
Wilder napping – a sight I haven’t seen since he was 3!
Wilder’s is 10! Celebration steak taco birthday dinner + cake with friends
Slingshot gun Wilder made from wood + bands
Our dining room table on Thursday morning, what a mess of inspiration + catching up. Whew
Hiking at Golden Gate Canyon State Park

Word finds with Ramona

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