Last Week in Photos – October 10, 2020

Dentist + Grandparents’ visit this week put us into a struggle, so I basically abandoned all hope for several days while we talked tooth fears, ‘Rona and Trump. Then the kids settled into boredom and we were able to resume life, almost as usual.

Highlights this week (from top, left to right):
Rosetta’s tea towels out of the laundry. Left is indigo dye; other two are her hand-carved stamped creations!
Wilder’s carved wooden knife that he made for his cousin’s upcoming birthday
Helping make the yogurt this week, pouring and labelling jars.
Gecko eggs are growing! This is a good sign they’re viable eggs.
Trip to Anderson Farm with friends – pumpkin patch, peddle karts, corn maze
Decorating the house for Halloween is always exciting
Rosetta decided to make sugar cookies BY HERSELF, including rolling/cutting. She did it!
Everyone helped decorate and eat them.
Mask selfie at dental office, waiting for Zetta’s appointment
Last piece of the puzzle by Rosetta!
Dunce cap made by Rosetta (says “shame”) for Grandpa Jerry’s math quiz
The last zombie cookie – wonder why….
Wilder drawing plans for a new knife from the saw blade
Coloring at the skate park while her brother skates – then some vestibular challenges.
Wilder’s tiny, hand-crafted axe
Handcrafts: white-and-black bean ghosts plus foraged leaf ghosts

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