Last Week in Photos – October 17, 2020

Half a week of grandparents, plus another Grandma in town. We filled our week with friend visits, ramping up on outdoor nature time before the cold weather settles in.

Highlights this week (from top, left to right):
Rosetta making slime (a constant around here)
Saying goodbye to Grandma Carole
Felting practice
Fort-building with friends at Matthew Winters: Rosetta + Kaya’s fort
Hello Fresh! dinner kits for the kiddos – pork flautas
Rosetta made us red scrambled eggs and toast
Wilder’s felted mushroom
Big Life Journal entry for Rosetta
Our fall mushroom scene (blue = Rosetta, red = Wilder, brown = Christine)
Rosetta’s poured picture DoodleCrate
Whittling projects were ON this week: Rosetta making a wand
Wilder’s tree whittling
Rosetta’s finished bow + arrow project
Cuisinaire rods
Fall scene walk for science + stick gathering
Wilder’s longbow project (arrows not pictured)
Cousin’s dress-up birthday party
Rosetta’s cat selfies puzzle (1 of 12)
Wilder working on a crossbow
Painting project on deck: Wilder painting a costume prop + Rosetta painting pottery
Dried pottery, ready for painting
Hello Fresh! kids’ dinner cookery: vegetarian shepherd’s pie (second win of the week!)

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