Last Week in Photos – October 24, 2020

Highlights this week (from top, left to right):
Cousin upside-down time + a Nerf war
Doritos chip challenge #7 – trying all the kinds this year, together
Trampoline jump line in the living room
Morning Minecraft in costume
Table mayhem while we tick boxes/homeschool
Oral math secret answer sheet, which Wilder makes into a laptop
Our squirrel visits and sees us watching her!
Painting + audiobooks + results
Rosetta’s paintings
Wilder’s paintings
Nature play + hike with friends
Painting, day 2
Rosetta’s birthday card for Zoe
Zoe’s party at a playground skate park
Our spider science book inspired spider-making with pipe cleaners
Rosetta got into spider-making and we probably have 40 now
Sample of Wilder’s new pretend knives
Cooking project, day #1 this week
Finished knife for listing on Etsy + picture-taking (Wilder)
And more spiders… she shot a video of how to make them
Cooking project, day #2 this week
Wilder’s skillshare video about editing + testing it out on his iPad
Drawing Minecraft class maps of our neighborhood
Rosetta’s map
Wilder’s map
Halloween treat from Grandma Carole
Wilder’s finished basket from our weaving time
Family Nerf war – an everyday occurrence this week!

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