Last Week in Photos – November 7, 2020

Highlights this week (from top, left to right):
Sprang for new LEGO sets
Rosetta cutting out fabric for peg dolls
Stop 2 on our skate park tour – BMX + scooters this round
Rosetta brought art projects to work on also
Wednesday morning at the table with math, books + projects on deck
Rosetta crafted a top hat for the cat, Jedi.
Here she is wearing it
We went to the mall for the first time since January to get skateboards – skated the empty mall
The kids rode to LEGO to window shop
New boards
Googling with dad
Rosetta LOVES the car wash, for some reason.
Wilder’s pie-charts he made to show how to make 3x as many waffles
Friday morning’s mess – finishing projects + watching Minecraft instructions
Rosetta finally finished her DoodleCrate slippers – days of work!

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