Last Week in Photos – November 13, 2020

Highlights this week (from top, left to right):
Finished our fall peg dolls – so many!
Pajama-clad Wilder playing logic puzzles
Posing with his Hello Fresh! dinner recipe, one of two this week (the enchiladas weren’t pretty!)
I made baked donuts with my new pan
How the day looked when Rosetta got sick – audiobooks and LEGO
Rosetta loves math games. This one is math island, and she colored it after she “won.”
Rosetta requested reading curriculum. We started All About Reading, level 1, this week.
Family walk with a whiskered cat
Some drawings at the table – SUP = Wilder, CATS = Rosetta
Ate breakfast with a gorilla one morning
Rosetta is feeling pretty empowered with the reading stuff
Shots of lunch yesterday with sun filtering in and then watching the MTH virtual field trip
So inspired, Rosetta drew a barn owl with the owl box we’ve got slated to make next

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