Last Week in Photos – December 5, 2020

Highlights the last 10 days – I’m cheating – (from top, left to right):
The new (and ultimately losing) Qwirkle team of Wilder and Mo / Math Monday with bean counting / Trip to the skate park with friends and their new boards / Free drawing at night while Dad finishes The Archer’s Cup by S.D. Smith / Wilder made apple pie himself this year / Rosetta’s pumpkin pie bars / Some Minecraft education edition while things bake / Lu “cutting” canned cranberry sauce / Cheers to a good thanksgiving spread with family! / The traditional post-thanksgiving pie breakfast / Rosetta made a heart-shaped notebook/”diary” / First puzzle of winter! / Progress on the skateboard ramp / Pumpkin head / Rising moon on my hike, when I mis-timed sundown… so cold! / “Feeding the monster” in her reading lesson / Rosetta’s colorful decorations for Thanksgiving / Close-up of the diary artwork / Bear Creek with friends to play on/with the ice / Drawing Aunt Amy’s prompts to mail back + Rosetta’s final picture / Play day with friends, including their Yum box exploration of Italy / Unicorn slime, day 1 / Wilder’s ice cream cone drawing – what he wished we had for dessert / Unicorn slime, day 2 / Gecko playtime includes building houses for them – picture of Ginger in the hammock Zetta made / Exploring the ice along the ditch in our ‘hood / Wilder’s Hello Fresh pork chop dinner / Rosetta’s snake date picture / Hiking Mt Falcon with friends

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