Family Goal – 1000 Hours Outside

A popular challenge for 2021, I have seen the 1000 Hours Outside website plastered across Instagram every time I log on, posted by financial gurus and homeschool mamas alike. And I still think it’s great! I think it will change the lives of the people who are even attempting it, whether or not they reach their goal.

I know, because that’s how it used to be for us. Though I never tracked our time, we spent entire days every week in nature, rotating groups of people. But the past year has been rough on both connection with our friends and on finding safe spaces to just be outdoors in such a populated, popular location. After being kicked out of our two favorite river play locations – the officers cited creek swimming as “illegal” – my kiddos’ interest in finding outdoor spots to play… died.

Like some, we are now simply trying to match our screen time with our time outdoors. We remember pre-COVID days in the forest and along the rivers, where we came home simultaneously depleted and filled up. Our spiritual energies and idea levels high; our bodies tired with the hard work of climbing, building and exploring. It’s the BEST.

We are slowly winding back around to total outdoor love in 2021. Amen.

Rosetta is completing this mandala tracker. / Wilder is completing this basic version. And there are LOTS more on their website. Visit for more.

Yesterday, after spending 3 hours in the sunshine and climbing a steep, snowy hill for the challenge as well as the view, the energy shined from all three of us. We colored in three hours on trackers and daydreamed about the other 997. It will be a glory.

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