Last Week in Photos – January 10, 2021

Highlights the last 10 days (from top, left to right):
Rosetta frosting my birthday cupcakes / Wilder’s unfinished Mandalorian helmet / Rosetta makes portals to the nether in animal faces / Preholiday stamp carving / Quick loop up South Table Mesa with the dog / Wilder cooks the sausage for our Hello Fresh box meal / Grandma teaches the kids how to make chocolate bombs and they eat all the ingredients / The kids teach Grandma Minecraft / Rosette family Christmas on New Year’s Day! / Massive balloon fight / Trampoline bouncing at night with glow balloons / Rosetta using her 3D pen / The house: half doll play, half Nerf war / Zetta’s new terrarium / Matthew Winters hike + picnic with friends / Minecraft together later / Dad on the trampoline / Rosetta’s Chutes and Ladders remake with new pawns – including a shark! / Wilder reading his Minecraft book / Roxborough Nature Center + long hike / Angel bunny by Rosetta / Audiobook listening with Lego + coloring / Watercolor painting

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