Last Week in Photos – January 17, 2021

Highlights the last 10 days (from top, left to right):
Friendly Nerf war where only two people got shot in the eye! For the record, eye protection was offered and declined. / Rosetta’s Tuesday drawings / Combo hand projects – W on leatherwork and R on potholders – while listening to audiobooks / The finished products / A sledding day out with friends! / Rosetta’s All About Reading worksheets / Majestic View Park trip with scooters/skateboards/tree climbing/friends / Working together on a Hello Fresh boxed dinner – steak, potatoes and carrots / Digital coloring with photos – the kids’ new obsession / Clay project and Minecraft education edition at the table / Mixed parts exploration, lead to Snap Circuit work and a leather project / More mixed parts: motor turned into disco “ball” with finger lights by Wilder / Rainbow ocean nightlight project by Rosetta

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