Last Week in Photos – January 30, 2021

Highlights the last week (from top, left to right):
Rosetta made a new painting game and we played for a long time / Did you know the Chiefs are going to be in the Super Bowl again?!? Even our cousins’ cat is excited. / MLK Day hike with Dad at Three Sisters, where some rock climbing felt in order / Sledding in Arvada with friends / Bingo for game night / Wilder’s Lego gun – he does some hand clapping thing and loads it / Our chickens laid their first eggs on the coldest day / Rosetta has missed petting cats every week, so we made a special trip to the Denver Cat Company for her to get a kitten fix. Two of them had thumbs! / Bald eagle sighting at Crown Hill Park / Gummy science this week for Rosetta – lots of measured mixing and rainbows / Wilder dissected the frog on the left, and we had a good look at the pig. Every day we review the pig directions, just working up his nerve. / I also bought a sea turtle species kit and those are fun to play with! / Our end-of-week sledding crew in Conifer / Movie night with Jedi / Rosetta’s “ghost house” in Lego / Wilder’s wild Star Wars setup.

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