Last Week in Photos – February 6, 2021

Highlights the last week (from top, left to right):
Grandma Lynn sent us this cool birdsong app that Rosetta enjoyed the most / She also spent several days working on this wooden unicorn puzzle, now a rainbow uni / Wilder made several attempts to craft a balisong out of popsicle sticks. / I told the kids that if they wanted more Minecraft time, I only accepted complaints on Sundays from 10-10:30. The rest of the week, I accepted requests in writing, if they were fancy. Wilder accepted this challenge, and here’s his note. / We wandered Clear Creek a bit, then picnicked with friends on a 60ยบ day! / Back at our house, it’s LEGO month, which their friends loved the mess of. / We opened our Yum Box: Netherlands / Wilder on Minecraft, trying to find the spot he wants to screen record. / Climbing + hiking at Alderfer / Rosetta and friend prepped a cave for wolves / Swimming for Z’s bday / Minecraft Dungeons gaming with Dad, in our dungeon / Crown Hill on a perfect winter day / These two spread enough cattail seeds for many, many parks more. / Our My Tech High Lego sets arrived, including Baby Yoga and a dog with ice cream. / More Legos… / Wilder also put together his first model car, which was a different challenge. / Cousins playing at Lego beach.

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