Last Week in Photos – February 19, 2021

Highlights the last week (from top, left to right):
Weird but true: Rosetta watched most of a movie in its reflection on our new lamp. / Kingdomino for two (I won! Twice!) / Gecko play – this one is James / Wilder has been making weapon replicas out of Legos. He’s holding a balisong. / Our Masterpiece Society drawing class assignment – upside down drawing Picasso copy / Then Rosetta made a cat, because… she’s Rosetta. / Wilder crafted a Lego gun next. The next day, he upgraded it with a scope and better trigger. / Playing Go Fish at the playground with friends. Not pictured: cards flying away, in-person Among Us on the skate park (weird). / Watching Skillshare videos about making videos while eating breakfast. / Video practice / Rosetta does her reading lesson at breakfast too. / Second skate park of the week, only 30º but it’s okay when you’re moving. / Celebrating dad’s bday

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