Last Week in Photos – February 27, 2021

Highlights the last week (from top, left to right):
Fisher Towers evening hike outside Moab / Exploring the volcano calderra from the topside /Two treks in Canyonlands National Park = lots of reading about the layers and different types of formations. This rim exploration hike was terrifying! / In the condo, still gaming with friends from Moab / Rosetta loved these petrified dinosaur eggs at the rock shop + all the rocky fish / Much windier at Arches, but we managed 2 hikes + lunch in the sunshine / At the end, they all pretended to be having a terrible time, the way they said they would if I made them see one more window. / Finished our condo puzzle / Breakfast is a time for YouTube on vacation / The kids + I hit the skate park and playground while George slept in Monday morning / Back to Arches National Park for that one we missed! / Hit up the bakery on the way out and Rosetta nabbed the prettiest treat / Home on Tuesday + ready to play at our local skate park with friends / Rosetta’s and Zoe’s Roblox characters are snuggling. / Finally learned to play the Oregon Trail Card Game! And we won! /Cat Crimes has gotten some play again recently after a long break – it’s quite a challenge! / During the snow storm, we got out some longer games too – this one is Trekking the National Parks, a favorite of Wilder’s (he won). / Wilder’s skate park art / Coloring by Rosetta / Major Lego sorting underway, plus Wilder’s Viking axe project / I was attacked while photographing / Snow play! / The fort we built before the snowball fight erupted / This kitty was angry / Cat Stax is another puzzle game Rosetta loves / Our Friday group hike turned out beautifully! It felt normal! We can hardly wait to go again.

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