Last Week in Photos – March 5, 2021

Highlights the last week (from top, left to right):
Wilder designed a new knife, using his research from his favorite bushcraft book / Rosetta’s newest slime: clear glitter / Finally took our friends to “the jumping rocks” at Clear Creek, which are only visible seasonally. / Rosetta found a swordfish-shaped rock and “rode” it. / Wilder, learning to catch popcorn / The following day, same people, at Lair o’ the Bear. There are four children in this tree. / Rosetta dreamed up a bird party craft and we brought supplies. These two hung pine cones and strips of nut-butter-and-seed-laden bark all over the park. / The wolf game they played had guns and magic and fire and tree climbing witches / Pretending to fall through the ice / YumBox is always a HUGE hit. / Rosetta’s on an envelope and secret message kit again, take 1. / Stencil drawing + video editing morning / Zoo trip started with a weird but familiar exhibit – cousin and auntie! / Taking a mask break for snacks / The turtles are my favorite, and now theirs too. / We visited Element Knife Company to learn how one guy started and runs his own business, making and sharpening knives. Lots of questions and lots of browsing. / Wilder’s favorite knife designs. / Rosetta liked the bamboo best. / Aaaand more slime. / Wilder’s finished knife for the week, post inspirational field trip / Later: handcrafts, snap circuits + audiobooks for the afternoon / Envelope + messages, take 2 / Wilder + his bestie, hiking / Most of the group of hiking kiddos.

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