Last Week in Photos – March 20, 2021

Highlights the last week (from top, left to right):
Wilder’s latest drawing / Our snow, the last time I took a picture but before the additional 6″ we got / Seed sorting to make a list of what we need / Wilder crafted a paracord handle for the knife blank he purchased at Spyderco / The kids’ projects that day for book time: Rosetta’s making envelopes and Wilder’s doing a knife sheath in leather / Rosetta also wanted a picture of her lowercase letter copying / Layered sand potion bottles were a fun project / George finished his birthday gift build: the Chiefs stadium! / Morrison Natural History Museum tour and animal handling fun / Wilder got to dig out a fossil for a while / Wilder decided to make waffles for breakfast / Rosetta colored a bunch of salt for a process art project later / Morning projects for Wednesday: Bitsbox coding for Wilder and paper-making for Rosetta / Rosetta tried a couple of Bitsbox challenges / Rosetta planted her chosen seeds for her garden / Making the process art “smoothies” with her colored salt and then topping them off with glue and beads / Wilder, planting / Rosetta used the papers she made to bind into small notebooks and sewed them up / Slime making / Grandma gave us some magnatiles, and we played with those every day / Rosetta as a chair for Ziggy / Sledding with friends at Meyer Ranch, including a few friendly races / Singing to Aunt Allison as loudly as possible for her 41st

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