Last Week in Photos – March 27, 2021

Highlights the last week (from top, left to right):
Wilder with Grandma Lynn on a family Hike at South Valley Park on a cold, clear day / When your cousins call you “Dad” / So you get glom into the “adult” picture / We finally shoved Wilder out / Grandma likes Clumsy Thief… / as much as she hates Oregon Trail: The Card Game / Rosetta + slime = love / Rosetta works on her spelling with Boggle Jr. / Wilder awaits his turn with Thinking Putty / The next day: a DoodleCrate and KiwiCrate morning / Wilder thinks everything should be motorized / Rosetta’s corkboard painting / Imaginary play on the tennis court turned horse barn / Recreating the Magnatile box picture with a friend / Success! / Some of the more photogenic Among Us tasks / Wilder makes cookies for breakfast / The next day = an exact replica of the Magnatile box / Rosetta’s finished corkboard with stand (then she wrote us notes) / Off to the Colorado Railroad Museum with friends / Everyone liked the movie about train food service / Gaming together / Our monthly YumBox snack testing from Germany / Wilder made bread dough for a new trial recipe / Rosetta’s finished doll skirt / Shaping dough into bread sticks / An evening of painting / Wilder’s sun catcher / Our cat Fiona

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