Last Week in Photos – April 4, 2021

Highlights the last week (from top, left to right):
Downtown Colby, KS / Fike Park, where we walked every single day to play, was super nice / Rosetta brought the puzzle she got in her Owl Crate to do with Grandma, the puzzle lover / Grandma Lynn talks in a British accent while she sets up the Royal Tea Party, which includes a zillion tiny cookies + real cream / The kids were impressed by the size of this avocado / Neighbor cat / My parents are cute / Taking a break from tag / Sassy, smiley kids / Um, there’s a statue of liberty mini at the end of the park? / Cuddling up for Wii time / Last trip to the park and a weird photo shoot with selfie-lover Rosetta / Soon as we got home, Wilder got to work on carving / Rosetta missed her Magnatiles / Knife-sharpening set-up / Drawing after dinner / Trial run of Wilder’s survival cookery outdoors on the new propane stove / The cat with rotten teeth / Traipsing through the Lookout Mountain snow with friends / Easter crafting / Easter drawings of rabbits / Rosetta’s warrior cat clan gets bath time / Not-even-the-whole-clan photo op / Maeve and her friend Scooter, who we pet sat all week / If you think the rabbits have a good drawing, these mice are enjoying Easter even more / Picnic at Elk Meadow / Big hike with the group / Arm wrestling afterwards, for snacks / The cat that cost us $1200 in dental work / Dying eggs

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