Last Week in Photos – April 17, 2021

Highlights the last week (from top, left to right):
Singing to Fiona for her birthday / Wilder’s second attempt at backyard cookery – much better / Trampolining / Post-dinner with the grandparents / Nonstop Kapla blocks this week, building in the background / Wilder’s new knife makes great feather sticks / Drawing + music = Wilder’s favorite pasttime lately / Waiting for swim time in Evergreen, everyone pretended to be TV channels / Swim! / Wilder “felted” paper and used it as a window / Toys they felted for D-O’s bday / Wilder’s new weaponry drawing / D-O’s birthday tea party – cats are so fancy / Spelling with loose letters / Scrabble / Gecko play and perler beads, not a great combo / Science experiment with milk + food coloring / Jedi is so fancy / Trying another web experiment: lifting a dry-erase man in water / Sorting perlers to refill / Geckos love YouTube / Rosetta makes vegetable cakes for her gerbils / Painting + audiobooks / Rosetta finished hers / Finished perlers / Our beloved house guest, Hobbes

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