Last Week in Photos – April 24, 2021

Highlights the last week (from top, left to right):
Playmobil setup / Wilder’s recipe concoction + directing his sister on how to help / Rosetta makes cupcakes of her own devising / Uncle Toby (the artist: Tobias Fike) has his piece debut at Chester Portsmouth Park, so we biked down to listen to his talk / Pictures of the piece – the tree + plastic bags in plaster – plus all of us / Cousin play / Perlers / Rosetta made frosting to decorate her cupcakes / Diet Coke + Mentos experiments / Rosetta’s painting / Making seed paper for Earth Day with native seeds / Jedi love / Puzzling out Rush Hour routes with a friend / Wilder’s turn over breakfast / Tinker + Doodle crates / Rosetta’s narwhal in Roblox / This has been a week for Rush Hour – puzzling over another one together at a friend’s house / Floating stick man experiment with friends – we got it to work! / Sussing out a new potential Wildling space / Park play with friends in the snow / Wilder’s finished vortexes / Our dried seed paper, ready to give away! / Egg in sweet drinks experiment, day 1 / Rosetta’s Doodlecrate masks, drying / Wilder’s knife arrangement / Petting dogs at Aunt Amy’s house / Playing tag / Egg in sweet drinks experiment, day 2: brushing the “teeth” / Beach play + exploring with friends at Chatfield State Park

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