Last Week in Photos – May 7, 2021

Highlights the last week (from top, left to right):
Wilder, making his IKEA dresser, counting screws + finding parts / The end result / Play in the rain at Matthew Winters / Biking Rosetta / Play with friends at Ulysses Skate Park / Then at home, our monthly YumBox / Experiment: Find the Iron in Cereal, part 1 / Some stamp carving / Experiment: resultant grossness (ultimately successful) / Dissections by Wilder: red fish + brown toad / Rosetta’s slime time / The cardboard gecko house + current inhabitant, Ginger / Making math flash cards with Rosetta’s stamps / Riding her new scooter / Scootering to Old Town Arvada / GB’s Fish + Chips (our first restaurant experience since COVD) / McIlvoy Park + friends / Scrumptious – first trip of the year! / Learning to make spring rolls / Part of Rosetta’s caterpillar photo gallery – she’s building a stop-motion / Testing the infinite chocolate bar video from YouTube / We’ve got one cocoon! / Beginning of the first ever cousin sleepover madness – trampoline + ice cream=?

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