Last Week in Photos – May 15, 2021

Highlights the last week (from top, left to right):
Wilder‘s 4H archery practice in Conifer / Rosetta making Mother’s Day pancakes / Long Monday that began with dental extractions to make room for permanent teeth (poor kid) / Our painted ladies are all in cocoons! / One of our geocache screen stills – we visited 4 sites and found 2, biking in the freezing rain / Stopped geocaching to climb this bridge over I-70 tucked into a neighborhood / Chopped Challenge – beginning and end results / Top plate: Rosetta / Bottom plate: Wilder / Editing the video they filmed together / The trampoline trips often end like this and I wonder who’s winning / Fishing with friends at Bear Creek Lake Park / Rosetta in sunglasses / Feeding the geese / Baby goslings! / Squirt gun fight with cousins / Voting for who to eat first at dinner – Ramona is tallying behind the centerpiece / Planting gardens, day 2 / The pictures of plants we are currently foraging for on our walks / Wilder lighting the fire sticks to see how quickly he can burn them / Mushrooms we found out front + what we think they are / Spore printing overnight, using directions from our mushroom book, to make sure we’ve ID’d them properly – probably not eating this round.

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