Last Week in Photos – June 5, 2021

Short week, it felt like, because the kiddos caught their cousin’s head cold over Memorial Day weekend. We stayed in, wondering if it’d turn out to be Covid. Nah. We celebrated a stuffy-headed Rosetta’s 9th birthday on Wednesday, inviting only the same people who got us sick and limiting the activity portion of the party to trampoline balloons and a hamster ball. People got too stomach sick to eat. An aunt brought wigs, so we did poses and wore wigs as long as we could stand them. The birthday girl had fun, so we reached our goal.

Highlights the last week (from top, left to right):
Kiwi crates are still fun when you’re sick, especially ones that shoot things / Birthday morning! / Rosetta’s favorite gift, a Thunderclan necklace from Wilder / Balloons on the trampoline = fun! / George had to roll the hamster ball, Wilder’s inside, down our backyard hill / WIGS / Cake time + singing / When the sprinklers go off, the guests go home. / Snowflake, the gerbil, in her house / Rosetta painted with me while Wilder did his 4-H archery meet / Archery / Night swim with a new mermaid (birthday gift) / Wilder can join servers now + listens to music while he plays / Daytime visit to our pool

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