Last Week in Photos – June 11, 2021

You might be able to tell, but this was a week for face painting. Sometimes several times in a single day, for me, the canvas of choice. It began with a simple art closet organization project – it’s been on my list awhile, oy – and progressed into an obsession. The day I became a sea turtle, that’s what I looked like at the pool. Did people look at me? Yes. That is what Rosetta wanted, only she thought they’d be jealous, haha. My clean, tidy closet and all the random, finished projects = success.

When I pay attention, all the things they do in a day, unprompted, are impressive. It’s a shocking amount of STEM stuffed into everyday living, and my schooled brain feels better about choosing this unschool-y life, despite the stack of unfinished DoodleCrates lurking in the damn closet.

Things Rosetta did on Tuesday: face paint her mom as a parrot, make two types of sour gummies from kit, paint animal masks, work with clay, listen to books, sing, read video descriptions to find recipe for brownies + make them, cuddle, play Roblox, bike ride, play Warrior cats, craft a rainbow pot holder, follow directions to make glitter lip balm, watch YouTube, help clean up kitchen, make new gerbil cage set-up, and swim.

Highlights the last week (from top, left to right):
My hike up North Table Mountain was filled with flowers / Wilder made the 5-minute microwave cookies from YouTube, altered the recipe, and wrote it down (made it again 2x this week) /Rosetta’s evil face, contemplating the face paint on day 1 / Yes, I am a parrot, not a parent. / Only 3 shelves’ worth of art closet supplies! / Art inspired by unearthed paint sticks / Wilder listens to music at lunch / This day, I became both a llama and a turtle. Llama first. / Turtle – my forehead is the shell, if you can’t see it – and Rosetta as a fox kit / Wilder’s turn / He added some stuff + we went to the pool like this / Lu and Rosetta making potions / Wilder’s onto a long-form peanut butter cookie recipe / Rosetta finished her masks / More face paint / Rosetta making brownies / Staring at a lone baby duck along Clear Creek / Rosetta’s late birthday swag

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