Last Week in Photos – June 18, 2021

This week we spent many more hours outside. Voluntarily? Ummm, somewhat. But whatever, we did it. I was tired of pretending Covid is still the boss of us. It’s not.

Highlights the last week (from top, left to right):
Rosetta’s plate of sushi / Copying recipes, something they decided to do / Wilder’s recipe / Rosetta’s recipe, with pictures / Farmers’ market trip! First time in a year! / Rosetta + Fiona / Making more slime / Wilder’s 3D archery competition, and his small group of shooters / They score the target together, discussing points for each arrow as they pull them. / What Rosetta and I did for part of our 4 hours there / Long shoot / Wilder won his division / Teaching Mo to shoot / Rosetta and I at O’Fallon Park / Play / Fly fishing / Top 2 are Rosetta’s artwork from last school year – there’s far, far less than the year prior, evidence that we weren’t feeling it during Covid / Wilder’s artwork from last year / Wilder mountain biking at Matthew Winters / Rosetta’s turn / Wilder’s favorite climbing space / Blood in the Water by Rosetta (it’s a song) / Biking + walking at Crown Hills / Archery with the 4H gang / Rosetta + Syla made videos / Requisite pool shot to represent the three times we went this week / Rosetta’s nesting bluebird / My neighborhood map art

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