The Week in Photos – June 27, 2021

A week away, breathing and swimming in the mountain air, with our a 500-square-foot rustic cabin to hide in from the hail equals some pretty zen kids and parents. I know not everyone has the ability to do this, and I am oh-so-grateful, but I saved all year for this. Money well spent after the year o’ stress we call “pandemic.” Thank you, CB, for being a reliable reset, year after year. Still so many hikes calling me back….

Highlights the last week (from top, left to right):
Cheers to arriving! / Creek walk from our cabin / Hike up Cathy’s Trail to the pioneer warming hut (before it got ugly with complaining and we didn’t make it) / Wilder’s catch #9 of 11 at Roaring Judy / Our setup while the guys fished / S’more time with George / A good ol’ fire makes me and Rosetta quite happy / Burned vs new marshies / Hammock setup out back that didn’t last… wonder why / Family trail ride on Brush Creek / Rosetta and I, chillin’ with drinks after our walk / George and Wilder on the lift up the mountain / 3-D archery course atop Mt Crested Butte, hot but fun /Blue Mesa Reservoir + paddleboard = happy Zetta / Swim + board / Mud mess “deodorant” application / So many lovely trees on the hike to Meridian Lake (2) / Lovely and silly lake views (3) / Kids running to hit the hot tub during the rain shower / Art setup after dinner / He picked out a book to read, The BFG, while waiting for breakfast / Paradise Cafe, yummy, but slow /
The view in Gothic / Along Rustler’s Gulch Trail (5) / Wilder, telling me about his book club / Goodbye, Oh-Be-Joyful!

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