The Week in Photos – July 6, 2021

A busy week of visits + play! It’s clearly summer now.

Highlights the last week (from top, left to right):
My sister’s dog, Olive, turned 14 + got celebrated like royalty (3) / Breakfast at The Universal with Grandma / Volunteer hour petting cats / Paco Sanchez with friends / Cousin spa day / Trampoline scheming / How Rosetta arranges her KiwiCrate parts / Wilder’s TinkerCrate crane – he’s trying to motorize it / Swim / Rainbows + Rosetta / Critter play / Our anniversary present / Rosetta’s kite project / Princess Lu on her bday / Paddle boarding at Bear Creek Lake / A few pre-fourth fireworks / Hunting fireflies in Fike Park / Catching toads in the dark / Kissing toads

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