The Week in Photos – July 25, 2021

A Kansas/Missouri visit in the full of summer makes for tired, sweaty people. We haven’t done this for two years, however, and so we entered into our travels with enthusiasm. After all, it was Grandma Carole’s 75th birthday! We’re recovering in our very cold neighborhood pool – blissfully different from the 90º one we visited with the grands and their 104º heat index. Home again, home again, jiggety jig.

Highlights the last week (from top, left to right):
Rosetta made me a coloring book! / She also Warrior-cat-ted up her room while I was away working all Sunday morning / Meeting new friends at our Wildlings group / Grandma appeared to like her gift / And her cake! / Wilder’s styling / Evening stroll to the creek with cousins / We rented a pontoon for a few hours with the fam – here we are riiiight before George got yelled at for speeding in a no-wake zone / On the boat and in the water at Smithville Lake / Lucy and her pollywogs / How sweaty I am / Rosetta’s baby bullfrog / The girls made a frog zoo puddle / The boys fished and then trolled for crawdads / Wilder found a baby catfish / The frog Rosetta couldn’t get rid of! / Movie night

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