The Week in Photos – August 1, 2021

We’re doing a series of summer sessions, growing a new homeschool community, and it’s been fun to see the kids interact in groups again. Wow, is it mayhem! Just general excitement to see their friends again each week and explore new topics. Last week’s was just water play – because it’s been a year since they’ve squirt-gun-warred with anyone besides each other – and it turned out tamer and more cooperative than I’d assumed. Wilder thought he had the sniffles for a few days, but I think his allergies were just reasserting after our time away. But we stayed home to figure it out. Other than that, our priority has been time outside and we’re killing it.

Highlights the last week (from top, left to right):
Wildling summer session (top 7 images) / Evening pool time is the best! / We bought materials for lotion slime because we are obsessed. / These Kiwi- and Tinkercrates keep us entertained (3) / Grandma Lynn came over just in time to enjoy our YumBox from Greece! These powdered sugar almond cookies were her fave. / Can you guess which YouTuber each fruit represents? / A trail at Bear Creek Lake Park / We must’ve caught 50 awesome toads in two hours. / Tiny toads in our paint jar / Wilder fishing / Paddleboarding on a crowded lake / Yep, slime again. Not pictured: more swimming. Like, a lot.

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