The Week in Photos – August 15, 2021

Week “at home,” yet we’re hardly there with all the outdoor time. Wilder is slowly finding his making mode again, turning his attentions to fly fishing gear + learning to tie flies. Rosetta remains gluey and glittery with slime, but her friends got a chance to admire her skill at recipe-less crafting at our co-op this week. This week’s tally: fishing – 2, swimming – 3, hiking – 1, family walks – 4, outdoor meals – 5.

Highlights the last week (from top, left to right):
Trout’s – the fly fishing store – offered lots of goodies for Wilder to drool over / Slime-making with our Monday co-op (2) / Wilder’s fly-tying home setup + two practice rounds (3) / Blokus with Grandma (she won) / Are there TWO grandmas?!? / Flock of seagulls hair / Wednesday’s garden bounty / Fly fishing + river play at Corwina (3) / Rosetta pouring lemonade for friends on uneven grounds / Volunteer cat petting + playing at Care Care Society (3) / Crying when Grandma left the pool / Evening jaunt in the ‘hood / Trekking to Maxwell Falls

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