The Week in Photos – August 22, 2021

Big week, this one. We did so many fun summer things, without the company of school families. During the traditional school year, Sundays are our extended family days, and we started this before school this year as we’re losing both cousins, sniff. Turned out to be the BEST one yet: toads, fish + a long, hot walk. When we have a fun, outdoorsy week like this one, I’m so thankful our summers don’t end with butts in desks. This week’s exercise tally: fishing – 3, swimming – 3, hiking – 1, biking – 2, family walks – 2, outdoor meals – 6.

Highlights the last week (from top, left to right):
Bottle flip practice / Full car / I love the part where they all take off and leave me in the dust. / The fishing cousins / The
toad-hunting cousins / Everybody caught one! / Then we “caught” Sonic for Happy Hour – it was 95º out! / Wilder chopped up some of his bluegill for future catfish bait / Those same hands, slicing up blueberry scones / Kid’s got a fishing journal to keep track of catches / Rosetta’s first Warrior cat battle scene / Wildling Collective, our co-op, explored fizzing paint outside, played new board games, and ate 90 popsicles together / A dog-person sniffed me / Wilder rebuilt the net handle with PVC / Rosetta’s slime sundae #1 / #2 / Bear Creek Lake with friends / Doing the math on our family spending allotment / The gerbil’s newly decorated home / Bitsbox coding practice / Bike ride / Fishing / Bike ride to + around Crown Hill / Playgrounding / Rainbow makeup trial / Kitten socialization / “Teen outfit challenge” at Target / “Teenager makeup” / Way in the shadows, there are boys bouncing on a trampoline with a boombox / Freezing cold pool / Celebrate!

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