Unschooly Family Link-Around

The interwebs support our learning in singular ways. The highlights:

Wilder, age 10
You know how interests die back and then emerge again? It’s been a year, and he’s obsessed with fly fishing again. Wilder found this store only 20 minutes from our house, and that’s his exploring request this week.

Upcoming cookery: seriously delicious ribs. He makes dinner on Thursdays.

Rosetta, age 9
She loves slime videos, but lately it’s allllll about storytelling slime videos. Have you seen these? Someone plays with slime while telling a story. Here’s a compilation of the creepy stories that are currently keeping her awake.

Our unschooly co-op is exploring Zetta’s new lotion slime recipe, inspired by this one, together on Monday. She keeps tinkering away at it.

Christine, age 44
This week, I finally learned how to use Pinterest to promote my blog with this simple, thorough tutorial.

Zucchini butter spaghetti is on Monday’s menu – that’s my cooking night.

I’ll also be making these wasp-repellent candles, so we can enjoy our deck more.

Re-reading my highlighter marks on this one, because of all the love I feel.

George, age 45
Watching The Suicide Squad, and loving it.

Learned how to replace the refrigerator filter inlet valve and upset the entire kitchen for two days (because we had the wrong fitting size on a plastic valve and Lowe’s closed already). Fun for all!

Because unschoolers are notoriously interested in diverse things, this link-around showcases those rabbit holes and random offshoots for each family member. Enjoy!

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