The Week in Photos – August 29, 2021

We spent the week stacking new habits onto old ones, aiming for a little bit more structure each week until we ramp up to our full fall schedule. It’s starting this week and it’s a lot. We’re getting a lot more outdoor time than I’m able to note by moving meals outside. I love it, although I’m constantly reminded we need to move ahead with our wasp candle project. This week’s outdoor tally: camping – 1, fishing – 4, swimming – 2, biking – 2, family walks – 2, outdoor meals – 9.

Highlights the last week (from top, left to right):
Rosetta’s newest slime bubble / Crafting air-dry clay “donuts” at co-op (2) / Group Among Us play / Yes, I surprised them with an orange watermelon. It’s the little things. / Clear Creek swim + animal hunt day with friends – plus we caught a baby snapping turtle! (4) / Fishing with Dad / Another evening bike ride / Tree climber / Park with friends / Self-directed math / Rosetta drew the birds’ apartment / Cooking dinner / Rosetta also read me a story – which nobody’s done in decades / Oh yes it’s me. Zetta dressed me up “like a boy” + trapped me in exercise gear to take my picture / Wilder’s evening drawing / Rosetta’s latest Warrior cat image / Hiking along Rainbow Road near St Mary’s (2) / Fall River campsite / Cousins who fish together / Hammock-ing / S’mores / Hammock to kid radio of 4:6 = 4 in one?

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