August 30 – Weekly Tracking + Photos

It’s our first week thrown fully into our new schedule, though I haven’t yet unleashed a new morning routine at home. (Felt like too much all at once.) Now at the end of it: tiredness. Two full-on social days sandwiching a 90-minute car trip to Wilder’s 3-hour shop class means we’re drained by Thursday. With an adjustment to our schedule (removing a movement class), we’re planning to stay home and rest for a day before resuming activity/motion/anything requiring mental focus. I feel like I shouldn’t be saying “We made it!” on Wednesday evenings – that’s not how I like to live. But even as it stands, by Friday we perked up and needed more, so I’m going to shift into complete Thursday rest day next week. If we need to add something later, so be it.

Piano lesson for his cousin / Kids in trees / Among Us IRL play at Wildlings (2) / Cat coloring challenge / All About Reading / Schoolwork in the car (i.e. how my Tuesdays look this fall) / Wilder’s got all of Thor’s power now – watch out! / Swinging out some tension / Self-directed shop class schedule for Wilder / Sleeping Bear / Musical chairs at Wildlings / Drawing time / Feeding a ground squirrel at O’Fallon Park / Fishing is better with a friend / Cool bee / Programming class with LEGO / Wilder’s Tinkercrate build / Rosetta’s Kiwicrate build / Wilder’s “live cooking show” for shepherd’s pie

And so it begins. Welcome back to another year of keeping track. We’re slowly shifting into more school-y learning mode, and I’m starting to write it all down again.

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