Homeschool Inspiration + Favorite Links

Am I the first person to blog about unschooling my kiddos? Heck, no. I am just trying to showcase the lifestyle we’ve chosen, to make it less weird or “other” for people to choose. These are my resources that never die, links I revisit over and over.

When I’m overwhelmed, or looking for inspiration, here’s my list of go-tos:

The Happiness is Here blog is my favorite, favorite. Sara doesn’t delve much into personalities or day-to-day issues, but consistently she writes well in defense of children’s rights, of unschooling, of slow and chosen childhoods. I also like her book lists, because I basically like everyone’s book lists, because: books. (Having a book list on your blog guarantees I will at least read that post. Me and books have BFF necklaces AND t-shirts.)

I adore Elsie Iudichello’s writing voice. It’s calming, soothing in a flurry of emotions and to-dos. And I do not require anyone else to homeschool “our” way in order to read how they handle life. I just love having a thoughtful peek inside.

My yearly read about education + the world. It’s my impetus to keep moving, even when all of the things about homeschool are hard.

I’m friends with Kristina and find her blog generally inspiring, the way she gathers materials to challenge and nurture her girls, her gentle manner and her love for life all come blazing through. We’re (still) tinkering with her River of Voices curriculum, slowly reading and following tangents.

Akilah’s amazing work and unique perspective keep me enthused about the disruptive power of unschooling. Maybe you don’t think of homeschool or unschool as a disruption? If you haven’t read Akilah S. Richards’ book, Raising Free People, you should go now and get it. Most of my copy is highlighted, and I will not loan it out. I’ve even copied passages into two journals – same passages, new journal. These words are so important to me that I will keep writing and reading them. I’ve also found value in several of Akilah’s online courses after becoming a patreon patron, and her podcast is one of two that automatically download.

Rachel from Sage Family offers LOADS of advice on her podcast, which I listen to pretty regularly, on quite a spectrum of family matters. Some I like better than others. Favorites: Peter Gray, Lucy Aitkenread, and Katy Bowman.

When I need a reminder about kids + listening – this is yearly, usually, because I’m around other types of parenting a lot – I read this and remember how much I’m asking of these children sometimes. It frequently feels like so little, because I was spanked for not listening if I didn’t respond. I read this and it jogs my empathy.

Re-up on unschooling dedication – this article is my go-to, even for older kids, from Kerry McDonald. I loved her book (and her previous blog, City Kids Homeschool), all of it from Kerry’s highly educated perspective, with lots of citations and real-world viewpoints added.

I found Ashley’s blog when I was food blogging from Kansas, circa 2008, and we shared some interests: old houses, food, gathering people. She also homeschooled and was starting a business, so I read and we comment-chatted each other. By the time I started homeschooling, eight years later and I knew this wasn’t the style of homeschool I’d use, I’d already been inspired by pictures of her happy kids.

Whelp, that’s it. I hope you find some hope, if not answers, in the links above. If you have a resource to share, please list it below. I’m always collecting!

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