September 11 – Weekly Tracking + Photos

We rounded mid-week with a grandparent visit, the first of many throughout our school year. Because of our flexible schedule, they’re always popping up for a week here and there. That was this week. Highlight of the week was ending with a lemonade stand – the kids did loads of math for this one, including figuring out the cost of ingredients to repay me before splitting their profit. They also went door-to-door at the end, because it ended up too hot to sit outside anymore and all our ice melted. All their cookies sold and everyone made $18 for their efforts. I didn’t hear any complaints!

G + R cuddle / Family math / Wilder’s fishing time / Our dog is a cat / Lasagna prep team / Last day at the pool! / Activity + movement tracker / Tuesday’s car ride with worksheets + history / This cool park in CO Springs / Water bugs / Trampolining + obstacle courses / Shop class / A few of Rosetta’s new Warriors / Co-op art / Nails with Grandma / Drawing with Grandma / Reading with … you guessed it… Grandma / Teddy’s “smart” look / Our kayak’s maiden voyage / Swim time / Cookie baking / Sign making / The lemonade stand of fall 2021 / Sleeping with puppies is relaxing / Solving logic puzzles together

And for those who were waiting, the all-important tracking info, in terrible light.

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