September 18 – Weekly Tracking + Photos

After an intense workweek for me, a bout of illness ended the week more slowly than I’d prefer. We’re barely beginning our book work of the year, and it’s quickly halted. Here we are, recovering quietly with lots of TV time instead of raging through our weekend outdoors. In the next two days, fingers crossed, I’m hoping we recoup enough energy to charge through the next week – assuming the gastro thing dies here. Pretty please.

Wilder’s first batch of meringues, made from a YouTube video he found / Rosetta skipping through the obstacle course she helped create / Wilder’s favorite tree + his artwork he drew there / Rosetta drawing + the newest cat / Wilder also learned to make microwave brownies + had a helped for the second round / He wrote out the recipe for his helper to take home / Just being shocking / Car pic on the way to a fishing adventure / Meringues, take two / Mine and Rosetta’s wasp repellent candles / Another slime / Building an alcohol-powered engine at Wildlings / Rosetta + friends spent hours on their marble-domino Rube Goldberg machine / A few kids helped Wilder finish the build + then they spent a while experimenting with “fuel” we had – hand sani, vasiline and air freshener – trying to get the engine to work / Tall tower / Drawing + art time together / Army surplus store visit / Thursday morning at the table with scones + book work / Playing out the history of our Oregon Trail book / Rosetta’s baking adventure + how it ends / Sibling pretend play

And for those breathlessly waiting, the tracking info:

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