October 3 – Weekly Tracking + Photos

Long before we had kids, George and I always found somewhere to BE in the mountains this time of year. It’s just rejuvenating to meander outside as the seasons shift. Now we pretend this fall tradition is “for Wilder’s birthday.” I’m super grateful for our rainy respite at Rifle Falls. Our remote campsite, a 1/4-mile from the parking lot, gave us a zillion tiny + beautiful walks each day, plus the falls! My cup is full.

Back from our 4-day camping trip Friday, we’re resettling into home life with deep sighs and restful, connecting activities, plus a bit of camp bin packing. We’ll tuck those away til spring now, so a little sleeping bag wash won’t hurt. And it feels like time to dig out the winter gear? Next week looks middling full, and I suspect we’ve renewed our energy to tackle it with gusto.

Games with Wilder / Piano / Ginger outgrew her cage + got a new one / LARPing at Wildlings (3) / Birthday cake-baking / Rosetta’s cat #1 / Zetta’s note to Ginger for her new cage / Finished cake / Cat #2 – she’s onto the battle scenes / Cat #3 / Rifle Falls campsite #20, plus rain canopy / Fishing / The Falls! / Me + R / Warm dinner under a blanket to dry off / Birthday morning gifts / Cold-weather fishing in pjs / Rosetta, onstage / Shopping in Glenwood Springs, post-soak / Wilder’s fly store friend, Edna / His only bday catch, courtesy of Rosetta / Springs dip, take two, with George / Angels (2) / Slope + Hatch with fam / Bday cake / And then it POURED + these two had to check it out / Behind the falls on our hike / They found a woolly bear / Cousins / S’mores time! / How many kids fit into a hammock? All of them + Grandma / Wilder + George / The artist at work / Around the fire pit, post-rain / Tent reading / Finally a morning fire! / Cat drawings #3 + #4

And for those breathlessly waiting, the tracking info:

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