October 9 – Weekly Tracking + Photos

Exciting week with lots of friends + fun events, starting with a 4-H picnic! Wildling sensory science, then a fairy house project that turned out amazing – three beautiful houses in our front garden bed! Rosetta and her friend are beginning a dog walking business and discussing marketing plans that they worked on three times. Even the dog played with her friend this week! Between social engagements, we had loads of down time, which is when the magic happens. Plenty of drawing, lots of science experiments + builds, and many kinds of cookery happening around here.

Knifey bros reunited at 4-H / Some volleyball / Rosetta’s drawings / Warriors #1 / Rosetta mixing slime + kinetic sand / Drawing posters with Zoe + Lena / Elephant toothpaste / Poster #1 / Wilder’s fishing kit contents from Grandma / Posters #2 + #3 / Puppy play / Wilder forging fishing pole hoops / His finished fly fishing gear stand / Finished hand pole / Fairy house project (2) / Rosetta + Kaya / Wilder, fly fishing (3) / Oobleck experiments / New makeup / Slime + shaving cream pizza / Tinkercrate for Wilder / Kiwicrate for Rosetta / Cheesecake baking / Rock climbing at Mt Falcon / Kangaroo rat Wilder saved / Warriors #2

And for those breathlessly waiting, the tracking info:

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