Smoothies in Seconds

Is your brekkie boring? Assemble smoothies – or smoothie bowls – in minutes for a morning makeover you won’t regret, even if it’s for dinner.

I begin smoothies with a dash of nut milk and a scoop of plain, full-fat yogurt, a sturdy base for so many kinds of whizzed goodness. A splash of water loosens even the most reluctant blenders – I’m looking at you, almonds! – and a few cubes of ice, added after it’s all smooth, keeps the temperature chill.

Brekkie Basic
Almond milk

Make it a bowl with toasted walnuts and sliced banana.

Green Giant
Spinach or kale
Ground flax seeds

Make it a bowl with avocado slices and crisped brown rice cereal.

Morning Rainbow
Coconut milk
Frozen blueberries

Make it a bowl with a handful of nutty granola.

Nordic Treat
Frozen cherries
Cacao powder

Make it a bowl with a dollop of nut-butter and a sprinkle of coconut flakes.

Unlike juices, smoothies offer the whole goodness of the produce without sacrificing all-important fiber. Because smoothies have little texture, pouring your creation into a bowl and adding a handful of granola or chopped nuts offers a fuller breakfast with a satisfying crunch. In a glass or a bowl, these meals satisfy with only a few ingredients and minimal effort. Smoothie cheers!

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