October 23 – Weekly Tracking + Photos

No matter what I do, it’s always a busy week anymore. The house is a disaster, I haven’t finished any of my work projects, and the fridge is completely empty. But this week I wasn’t even trying, and here’s a bunch of things we did:

Grandma dance party / Grandma coloring / Ninja Nation for Mo’s birthday party (2) / Best friends since 11, now brothers-in-law / Baking with Elliot / Fishing in Arvada with friends/ Sushi lunch by Rosetta / Bike ride in the rain / Warrior cat pictures 1-6 / Apples to Apples at Wildlings, their new obsession / Building with Dylan’s dominos / Grandma’s birthday celebration + cake / Wilder cooking the beef for stew / Package from the other Grandma! / Fishing at Corwina Park + Lair o’ the Bear / Cat Care Society visit (2) / Yumbox from Czech Republic with friends/ Play / Puppy love / Cottonwood Farms pumpkin patch visit (7) / Warrior cat #7

And for those breathlessly waiting, the tracking info:

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