October 31 – Weekly Tracking + Photos

Another week in the books! This isn’t half, but the photos got unwieldy. Whew.

World’s fattest toad! Something pulled this guy out of hibernation before we found him, waking up along the path. / Freezer-bound jams + beans / Elephant toothpaste variations with cousins (3) / Rosetta paints her owl mask / I’m in a tree! / Halloween party for Wildlings’ Monday crew (3) / Warrior cats drawing #1 / Wilder crafted a sheath for his karambit / Rosetta and I hit the zoo on Tuesday (4) / Wilder forged a new knife in shop class from a drawing he made in the car on the way / Wednesday Wildlings (2) / Pumpkin carving / Rosetta making banana bread / Wilder grinding a new blade / Wilder’s tiny package-opening chopper, with magnetic sheath for the fridge / Pile of MTH direct order supplies that came! / Rosetta’s scratch art, the first of many! / Wilder’s LEGO, halfway thru / The kids working on LEGO / Rosetta drawing with new markers / Zetta and her friend volunteering, petting cats at the Cat Care Society / Wilder’s door sign / Since I couldn’t find the pen knife blades, Wilder made me a new one. / Rosetta’s dog treat business is beginning! (2) / Warrior cats #2-4

And for those breathlessly waiting, the tracking info:

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