November 7 – Weekly Tracking + Photos

Weirdly, we did not contract our usual post-Halloween head cold, despite the vast quantities of candy being inhaled around here. For this I am grateful and suspicious. Usually I kind-of like having scheduled down time after a bustling week filled the slavering Halloween’s-gonna-be-so-great energy. Oh well. I’m chalking it up to our exceptional health and extended outdoor time. Right?

Our blindfolded “creepy” dinner on Saturday last week – from boba tea to meatballs, it was freaktastic. / Minecrafting together / Halloween night! / Rosetta likes to count + organize her candies / Rosetta’s finished dog treats, wrapped + labeled / Wildlings Arvada (3) / Cheyenne Mountain Zoo (4) / Shop class (2) / Wildlings Indian Hills (4) / Warrior cats #1 + 2 / Prospect Park fishing + playground (2) / Filming set-up for new YouTube video / Current LEGO mess / Petting cats / Drawing / Warrior cats #3-4 / Wilder’s drill-powered finger-crusher / Rosetta’s new phone – call her anytime!

And for those breathlessly waiting, the tracking info:

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