November 13 – Weekly Tracking + Photos

George brought home a not-COVID head cold from last weekend’s antics, and it’s making the rounds. Luckily it’s mild and hit at the end of our week, so we still managed to load up on outdoor time in the fabulous fall weather.

Fishing + play at Johnson Habitat Park (3) / Hello! it’s me / Rosetta’s new drawing challenge (for herself) has kept her producing myriad animals out of these tracing shapes we uncovered in the closet. / She also made spaghetti with eyeballs, because every meal should rival Halloween for creepiness, in her opinion. / Zetta’s snow slime, take 3 / Dioramas, games + a shopping cart (?) at Wildlings / Diorama play at home / Cheyenne Mountain Zoo with a friend (5) / In-n-Out Burger trip! / Wednesday Wildlings, the line for a Rosetta-drawn animal – she opened a booth / Favorite characters from Minecraft for Ethan / Some of our LEGO mess / More slime / Sweet Fiona / New Warrior cat drawing style (6) + a farting cat / Rosetta built the TinkerCrate color-mixing crystal / Wilder’s mini strop + spoon / Hiking Deer Creek Canyon with friends

And for those breathlessly waiting, the tracking info:

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