November 28 – Weekly Tracking + Photos

A lovely week of crowding outdoors as much as possible, soaking up the sunshine and pretending we don’t mind that it’s a snow-less year so far. Had I known it would be so mild, I’d have replanted the garden, and maybe I still should because the forecast continues to surprise us. We unearthed the last of our carrots yesterday, and it wasn’t even difficult to loosen them from the soil. Despite the fact that we’re hitting up the playground every night after dinner, swinging with flashlights and running through the soccer fields in the dark with the dog herding us, I am wishing for snow. Seasonal variety is important, isn’t it?

Wilder tried an apple-peeling shortcut from YouTube and we liked it! / Trampoline / Dog park trip / Warrior cats #1, 2 / Wilder’s deafening performance / Best friends / Wildlings (2) / Me, driving the trio to CO Springs / Weird girls game at the trampoline place / Shop class with Wilder + Emma / Wildlings (4) / Warrior #3 / Rosetta’s felted rabbit / Fire pit dinner / Swinging with flashlights, our new post-dinner ritual / Measuring candle wax / A candle-making mess / Warrior #4

And for those breathlessly waiting, the tracking info:

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