December 11 – Weekly Tracking + Photos

We survived our last full week of alllllllll the classes, so the pressure’s off already. Whew. We’ve begun embracing the season and starting all the holiday crafts and our seasonal read-aloud, all great things! We are looking forward to unwinding from all the busyness after next week, but first we’ve got to get through it…. Very excited for all the upcoming holiday parties and parades!

Wilder’s leather project / Family holiday puzzle + Apples to Apples / Decorating the tree with Aunt Amy / Starting our snow globe projects / Rosetta’s globe interior / Wilder / LEGO robotics at Wildlings / Zetta’s finished snow globe / Cheyenne Mountain Zoo (4) / Wilder’s last shop class / Finished the chopper! / Unmolding her soap at Wildlings / All of our soap / Warrior cats drawing / Putting together the gingerbread houses with their “glue” + Dad to hold parts / Decorating gingerbread houses with friends (3) / Rosetta’s finished house / An elf sighting / Wilder’s ‘dilapitated’ barn (after our dog attacked the other side) / Getting the dog off the trampoline / Night photography experiment, wink / Somebody filled her notebook!

And for those breathlessly waiting, the tracking info:

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