Journal, December 11: Magic Crafting

is it just me or does it grow more difficult to craft the holiday magic as kids age? it’s not just the santa thing. my kids asked about santa really, really young, seeming creeped out by the idea of someone always watching them. so we’re on a foundation of honesty, + they didn’t like the bearded guy enough to play through. if they had… a different story.

i used to make elaborate advent calendars for my littles. the first one, i wrapped up holiday craft projects, outings (on paper) and small gifts, hanging them dubiously from the wall. each morning i’d wake early to rehang a few – not my best work. one year i wrapped a book-a-day readaloud calendar, and we loved that so much it became a 3-year staple. the last few years though, we’ve done the traditional chocolate countdowns. but for myself, i do make an advent plan. i have to fit in the magic of ice skating + sledding + add in their dad when he has time off. pulling all that off needs a loose plan, a forgiving one, written in pencil.

right after thanksgiving, i set out a long sticky pad + wrote the dates with a scribbled note of what we’ll work into them. backwards from george’s days off and finite things like parades, light shows with ticketing, grandparent visits.

you see, i do have intentions. i do have expectations. i am the crafter of magic around here + that needs some planning. i ordered snow globe materials + flagged crafts for down times. i invited people to a cookie decorating party with fancy tea. i told our friends to meet us at the parade. i set aside time to walk the labrynth on solstice + to howl at the full cold moon from the top of the mesa with people we love.

my sister came over to decorate the tree with us last Saturday. we blasted holiday music, danced around the tree + started our snow globes. that evening we began our holiday read-aloud, J.K. Rowling’s Christmas Pig.

setting aside this time together, probably 3-4 evenings/week, cuddled up to listen + craft at the table, we’re adding to the magic. if only i could plan some snow….

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