December 18 – Weekly Tracking + Photos

We made it! Although our Wildlings was postponed to next week, so we still have a lingering date on the calendar, we’ve finished up all the rest! To celebrate, we took Friday off and headed to Edgewater Market for shopping + food. We’re excited to do a full moon hike tonight with friends and full-shift into winter with a solstice celebration next week. It’s on – welcome holiday season!

We love the Golden Parade, especially with family + friends (3) / Pulled out our family LEGO: the gingerbread house / Wilder taught Mo to bake cookies / While they waited, there was fort-building + Nerf practice / Monday Wildlings holiday party + playground weirdness (4) / Wilder’s MC mods work! / Rosetta’s turn on the LEGO / Wilder + Dad work on holiday puzzle #2 / Some of Rosetta’s tornado research – she got really into that during the wind storm / Skate park trip / Drawing + painting (3) / Minecrafting together / Rosetta’s finished work (4) / Stretching out afterwards / How tea parties look without electricity! / How dinner looks… still without electricity! / Our Friday celebration at Edgewater – I missed the cheers pic / Rosetta finishing our lasagna line. Whew.

And for those breathlessly waiting, the tracking info:

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